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Come experience real life situations, have fun learning to become a member.

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Overall Objective

Provide handlers with an understanding of miami valley Pet Therapy association and the requirements for membership.

Educate teams to guide them to become successful pet therapy teams.


Tests pet on basic obedience skills, friendliness, interest in people, handler’s skill, looking for any signs of aggression, avoidance, and fear. These all help determine initial suitability in order to continue to first class.

Obedience Skills tested are: Sit, Down, Stay (handler walks away for 5 seconds), return.

Chapter 1

Develop handlers’ understanding of the role and use of pet therapy.

Chapter 2

Increase handlers’ understanding of training required for pets to successfully participate in pet therapy environments.

Chapter 3

Increase handlers’ awareness of their pet’s behavior, interactions, reactions and signals.

Chapter 4

Strengthen working relationship as a pet/handler team.

Chapter 5

Increase handlers’ ability to recognize stress in their pet as well as other species.

Chapter 6

Provide methods to help reduce stress pets might experience while working as pet therapy animals.

Chapter 7

Educate handlers about different types of medical conditions and needs of patients the team may encounter while doing pet therapy work.

Chapter 8

Prepare pet/handler teams for “visiting.”

Chapter 9

Provide pet/handler teams with practical “visiting” experience.

Chapter 10

Assess handlers’ knowledge and understanding of pet therapy requirements via the written exam.

Each class is broken up into two segments.

Around one third of class is Instruction. The teams sit in a circle, learning about mvPTa and what to expect in pet therapy.

Around two thirds of class is Activity. Each class has several evaluators who run teams through exercises, helping them learn to understand and better communicate with their pets.


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